パラワン フィリピン(アジア)

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The most well preserved of island groups in the Philippines, Palawan is also the largest province in terms of land area. Its best assets include beaches, caves, lagoons, mangroves, the rain forest, coral reefs and clear blue waters. One has to visit all the islands of Palawan to understand how hard the local people and government have worked to preserve the place.

With a 2000-kilometre coastline and as many as 1,700 islands and islets, Palawan has one of the most beautiful seascapes. Tucked beneath the seas are approximately 11,000 square kilometres of coral reefs. In 1967, this group of islands was proclaimed a fish and wildlife sanctuary. To this day, Palawan is one of the most protected provinces in the whole of the Philippines.

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インドネシア コモド国立公園(アジア)

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(Komodo National Park,Indonesia)

The Komodo National Park is a national park in Indonesia located within the Lesser Sunda Islands in the border region between the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 smaller ones,[1] with a total area of 1,733 km² (603 km² of it land). The national park was founded in 1980 to protect the Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard.[3] Later it was dedicated to protecting other species, including marine species. In 1991 the national park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[4]

Komodo National Park has been selected as one of the New7Wonders of Nature.[5]

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パンコール マレーシア(アジア)

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Pangkor, with its charming mix of fishing settlements and resorts, is a fascinating and convenient holiday destination. It presents the visitor with a rare chance to live near fishermen and observe their lifestyle and also to simply enjoy the fine beaches and resort amenities.

The fishermen live in scattered settlements on the eastern side, facing the town of Lumut and Teluk Batik. Visitors get a chance to see some of them on the 40-minute ferry ride from Lumut as the ferry stops at the main settlements of Sungai Pinang Kecil and Sungai Pinang Besar before landing at Pangkor Town.

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サトゥーン タイ (アジア)

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Satun is located in the far south of Thailand, nearly 1000 kilometers from Bangkok. Most of the provincial inland is mountainous and the coastal region features more than 60 islands. As Satun borders Malaysia, a majority of Satun’s population is Muslim, many of whom are of Malaysian descent, adding a colorful character to the town, particularly in regards to food and clothing. Fortunately for the people of Satun and visitors to the area, Satun has been largely unaffected by the domestic unrest in the south and is a quiet and safe place to visit.Satun town, the province’s capital, is a sleepy town that typically only sees travelers who are en route to either the offshore islands or Malaysia. However, mainland Satun does feature the Thale Ban National Park, which contains a number of waterfalls and a large lagoon surrounded by towering mountains.From the port town at Pakbara, the top island destinations in Satun are Koh Tarutao and Koh Lipe, idyllic and generally undeveloped islands renowned for their spectacular natural beauty. Other islands include Koh Bulon Lae, Koh Adang and Koh Petra National Marine Park.Satun is a small province in the south of Thailand that is located along the coast of the Andaman Sea. In addition to a border crossing with Malaysia Satun Province possesses picturesque islands, verdant forests, and a mountainous interior. Satun, once part of an independent Sultanate, has had strong ties with Thailand since the Ayutthaya period and as mixed marriages between Thais and Malay Muslims has been common for centuries, many Satun people are Samsam, meaning a mixed person. While most inhabitants of Satun, including most Samsams, are Muslims, Satun has avoided the regional unrest occurring in other southern provinces.Most visitors to Satun come to visit the province’s spectacular national parks, including Mu Koh Tarutao National Park and Mu Koh Phetra National Park.

These islands that is the nearest to heaven for me.
Even if there are nothing Luxury hotels & Wonderful restaurant ...

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ニセコ 北海道 日本(アジア)

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Niseko Village on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, has quietly become legendary among the skiing cognoscenti. Though already well known as the powder mecca of Japan domestically, it was only in the 1990s that a pioneering group of Australian skiers explored the area and murmurs began circulating of a relatively untapped skiing Shangri-La.

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樹齢1000 年を超える杉を「屋久杉」と呼び、多くの屋久杉には、畏敬を込めた名前が付けられています。最大のものは「縄文杉」と呼ばれ、2100歳から7200歳の間(測定方法の違いによる)と推定されています。

Yakushima (屋久島) is an island off the south east coast of Kyushu next to Tanegashima and north of Okinawa in Japan. Officially a part of Kagoshima Prefecture, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The pristine yakusugi forests were an inspiration for acclaimed animator Hayao Miyazaki's 1997 epic Princess Mononoke.

Though not too well-known outside Japan, Yakushima is a popular destination for Japanese tourists, hence the infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, transportation) is quite nice.

Yakushima's forests are not virgin. Hundreds of years ago, most of its ancient trees were cut for lumber. The stumps remain everywhere, often uncorrupted and covered with moss or sprouting other trees, including second and third-generation cedar - Nidai and Sandai Sugi - in the continually regenerating forest. The remaining Japanese cedar trees over 1000 years old are termed yakusugi, and many revered trees have been given individual names. The largest, called the Jomon sugi, is estimated to be between 2100 years old (the oldest date that can be confirmed by carbon-dating of core samples) and 7200 years old (based on its size).

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The newest, most comfortable river cruise boat in Cambodia
As a specially commissioned small cruising boat with only 8 luxurious cabins and a maximum of 16 passengers I think more uniquely boutique experience than the other big cruisers treading the same water.
This boat is unique within Cambodia, built here in 2014 with natural materials by expert boat builders, you will find it the most comfortable river cruise in the country.

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Croatia is a land of wonders…miles and miles of Adriatic Sea beaches, fishing ports, Roman ruins, thermal spas, pristine forests and waterfalls, plus a culture like no other European country.

Dubrovnik, nicknamed the "jewel of the Adriatic", is a favored travel stop due to its architectural heritage. Zagreb, the largest and the capital city, is an important tourist center, attracting well over a million visitors annually. On the north side of the city is the historical district with its squares, churches, palaces and galleries.

Each of Croatia's regions offers its own unique attractions and charms. A trip to Croatia must include island hopping, using the various ferries. Croatia has more than 1,000 islands dotting its Adriatic Sea coastline – some quite large and inhabited, some small and deserted.

The Croatians are some of the friendliest people in Europe and will help make the journey as interesting and pleasant as possible.

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ロンダ スペイン(ヨーロッパ)

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(ロンダ スペイン)


Ronda is located at the most northwest side of the province of Malaga (Andalusia - Spain), at a bassin surrounded by mountains standing together and with a middle altitude,
giving to Ronda a magical character, that, together with its climatic, hydrologic, vegetation and ground characteristics has influenced it among its rich and diverse history

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(Laucala Island,Fiji)

3,500 エーカーの高級リゾート、 ラウカラ プライベート アイランド リゾートは、ココナッツのプランテーション、砂浜、豊かな緑の山々と美しい自然に囲まれています。


ユニークな水中世界でのダイビング、熱帯雨林ツアー、乗馬、サーフィン、18 ホールのチャンピオンシップ コースでのゴルフ、またはネイティブ アーティストとの出逢い。

あなたの別荘で食事をするか、またはラウカラの 5 つのレストランやバーのいずれかを訪問するかを選び、新鮮な食材を使った料理をお楽しみください。

Set upon 3,500 exclusive acres Laucala private island resort is set amidst coconut plantations, sandy beaches, rich green mountains and breathtaking natural beauty.

True luxury is appreciated in the privacy of the resort’s villas widely spread on the northern tip of the island.
Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living creates an inspiringly relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere.

Laucala shows its most ethereal side in an iridescent kaleidoscope of sporting and cultural activities.
Diving in a unique underwater world, rain forest tours, horseback riding, surfing, golfing on the 18-hole championship course, or meeting native artists.

Whether you choose to dine in your villa or to visit one of Laucala’s five restaurants and bars, you enjoy dishes based on the freshest produce.

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シャークベイ (オーストラリア)

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(Shark bay,Australia)




Today Shark Bay is recognized as one of the most remarkable places on Earth.
With over 350 warm sunny days, a fresh sea breeze and perfect beach weather year round, Shark Bay is a well kept secret.

Our beaches are renowned for their safety and families return year after year for our welcoming locals and perfect holiday destination features.

We invite you to look closely at Shark Bay's unusual natural beauty.
Explore our inlets and islands. Discover for yourself some of the rare plants, mammals and birds found only in Shark Bay.

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ウベア ニューカレドニア(オセアニア)

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(Ouvea,New Caledonia)





This is a very tiny island called Ouvea near New Caledonia (a few thousand kms east of Australia). Its inhabitants call it "the closest place to paradise" and I must say it is perfectly true. My breath was taken away each time I looked at the sea. I had never seen such a color before. Just marvellous !

And "The closest place to paradise"is traveler'sdiary of Katsura Morinura who is a Japanese writer. It was published in 1966.
Also it was filmized MS. Tomoyo Harada as leading actress in 1984.
I visited to New Caledonia on business trip for the first time when this movie was shooting.

New Caledonia is most memorable island for me.

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オフ島 アメリカ領サモア(オセアニア)

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(Ofu Island,American Samoa)


村人たちの農園や密集した熱帯雨林をたどって、マウント トゥム ・ トゥム トレイルをハイキング。

Ofu Island offers visitors the best of the South Pacific's natural world. From clean, unspoiled coral reefs to clear, star-filled skies.
Flying foxes circle above, whales breach (in season) off shore, and fresh bananas, mangos, papya, breadfruit, and taro are abundant.

A hike up Mount Tumutumu trail leads through villagers' plantations and dense rainforest. A journey to the rugged north side of the island reveals deserted beaches and dramatic rock formations. Across the bridge is Olosega island, filled with tradition and beauty.

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カウアイ島 ハワイ(アメリカ)

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(ハワイ カウアイ島)


ここは、比べるまでもなく、ハワイ諸島の中で最も美しい島です。「太平洋のグランド ・ キャニオン」と言われるワイメア峡谷と、ナ ・ パリ ・ コーストの広大な眺めは、それを証明しています。


Kauai displays an unrivaled panorama of nature's beauty; a tropical collection of colorful plants and flowers, pristine white-sand beaches, canyons, rain forests, lush mountains, valleys and waterfalls.

Considered the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai certainly stands the test. Waimea Canyon, the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," and the sweeping vistas of the Na Pali Coast are proof positive.

If heaven exists on earth, then it's here on Kauai.

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セドナ (アメリカ)

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(セドナ, アメリカ)



MEDICINE WHEEL OVERLOOKING SEDONA - The tremendous power of natural healing and rejuvenation sites in this area is easily absorbed by those visiting for backpacking, spiritual journeys and/or golf. Home of many Native Americans well over ten thousand years ago, you should plan to stay a while once you've found your way to this spot; this is truly one of the spiritual centres of this continent, the central one is The Grand Canyon. Historically you can begin tracking the tragic 'Trail Of Tears' ~ natural residents were forced from this area to artificial 'reservation' environments in 1875.

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コスメル メキシコ(北アメリカ)

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聖ゲルバシオの壮大な遺跡から、El Cedralの鮮やかな緑の素朴な教会まで、コズメルは多くの物語を共有し、そして毎回、エキサイティングな発見や探検があります。



And at every turn, there is something exciting to discover and explore.
From the majestic archeological site in San Gervasio to the rustic, vivid green church in El Cedral, Cozumel has many stories to share.

And their origins go back to 300 A.D. when the first Mayans settled on the island.

Before there were vacation seekers, there were religious pilgrimages, as many women came to pay homage to the fertility goddess, Ixchel.

Through every passing century, Cozumel became one of the most important sanctuaries in the Yucatan region. And the Mayan influence remains today.

But that is just the beginning. Let us take you on a guided tour and uncover the magic of the ancient Maya. You’ll soon realize why this is like no other island in the world.

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リオデジャネイロ ブラジル(南アメリカ)

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(Rio de Janeiro,Brazil)



The Beaches of Rio de Janeiro
Known as the "jewel in the crown" of Brazilian beaches, Rio's own Copacabana has been dubbed one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Rio offers wide white sand beaches and plenty of accommodations at affordable rates. Volleyball, watersports, and all-night partying is the only agenda here. Copacabana is also home to "futevole" or foot volleyball and is a common sight at the beach.

The beach at Ipanema is a favorite for local families and bronzed beauties strutting their stuff. More tranquil than Copacabana, Ipanema's soft white sand and cool blue waters are perfect for volleyball and swimming.

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サンアンドレス島 コロンビア(南アメリカ)

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(San Andres Island,Colombia)
(サンアンドレス島 コロンビア)




San Andres Island is a popular tourism destination and diving attraction.
The island is actually part of the San Andres Archipelago that includes San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

San Andres lies off the northeast coast of Colombia more than 400 miles and sits adjacent to Nicaragua.

Colombia gained control over the islands in 1928 as part of the Esguerra-Bárcenas treaty with Nicaragua.
The territory has been a hot topic of debate over the last decade as Nicaragua has attempted to regain control over the area through legal protests in international courts.

The archipelago was declared the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2000. The approximate population of the archipelago is 85,000. The local inhabitants are descendants of English Settlers, African Slaves and mainland Colombians.

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チュニジア 北アフリカ(アフリカ)

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(Tunisia,North Africa)






チュニジアでは、古代史の遺産を発見することができます。 チュニス近くにあるカルタゴのよく知られたローマ時代の遺跡に加えて、わずか100キロ西のチュニスの、ドゥッガの近くに、よく保存されたローマ時代の遺跡の素晴らしいコレクションがあります。

With over 1200 kilometers of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia is home to seemingly endless sandy beaches, and in the view of many travelers - perfect vacation weather.

Seaside resorts and towns offer a wide range of waterfront hotels, and activities like boating, fishing, sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing.

Tunis city center is a World Heritage 7th century old town of narrow streets and nail-studded doors. Additional features include a large street market (souk), stylish french architecture and the Bardo Museum.

Sousse is a very attractive seaside town with a large fort, mosque, massive city walls and an excellent museum specializing in 3rd century mosaics.

Douz, the gateway to the Sahara Desert, offer travelers a colorful market, camel riding and sand dune trekking. Note it's nearly a nine hour bus ride from Tunis to Douz.

Tunisia has a wealth of ancient history to discover. In addition to the well-known Roman ruins at Carthage (near Tunis), there's a wonderful collection of well-preserved Roman ruins near Dougga, just over 100 kilometers west of Tunis.

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カナリア諸島 スペイン(ヨーロッパ)

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(Canary Islands,Spain)




The Canary Islands are the place with the best climate for enjoying an amazing holiday at any time of the year.

Seven different and unique islands, ideal for disconnecting from routine, recharging your batteries and going back home with a revitalised body and mind.

Their beaches, their volcanic nature, their lively and hospitable lifestyle and the chance to choose from all kinds of open air activities together with a wide range of accommodation and leisure activities make most visitors want to return more than once.

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リスボン ポルトガル(ヨーロッパ)

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(Lisbon, Portugal)

リスボンはヨーロッパで2番目に古い首都(アテネの次)で、かつてはバスコ・ダ・ガマ、マゼラン、ナビゲーターヘンリー皇太子のような世界で最も偉大な探 検家が暮らした、史上初の本物の世界都市です。そして帝国の首都は、南アメリカ(ブラジル)からアジア(マカオ、中国;ゴア、インド)まで、すべての大陸 に広がります。世界の最も偉大な航海の多くのための前の発射台は、現在、現代の旅行者が発見するところです...

Lisbon is Europe's second-oldest capital (after Athens), once home to the world's greatest explorers like Vasco da Gama, Magellan and Prince Henry the Navigator, becoming the first true world city, the capital of an empire spreading over all continents, from South America (Brazil) to Asia (Macao, China; Goa, India). The former launch pad for many of the world's greatest voyages is now where modern travelers discover...

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サルデーニャ島 イタリア(ヨーロッパ)

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A voyage over an emerald sea, past characteristic coves and beaches of snowwhite sand … this is Sardinia, an island that strikes its visitors with natural contrasts, the lights and colors of a region that boasts old traditions and a wild and pure nature.

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, without high peaks, with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment. In fact, the presence of man does not seem to affect this territory; great surfaces still preserve their natural composition, luxuriant woods with even millenary trees, small desert areas and marshes inhabited by deer, wild horses and rapacious birds.

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サンモリッツ スイス(ヨーロッパ)

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(St. Moritz,Switzerland)


St. Moritz is one of the world’s most famous holiday resorts. Chic, elegant and exclusive with a cosmopolitan ambiance, it is located at 1,856 metres above sea level in the middle of the Upper Engadin lake landscape.
The dry, sparkling “champagne climate” is legendary and the celebrated St. Moritz sun shines for an average of 322 days a year.

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サントリーニ島 ギリシャ(ヨーロッパ)

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Positioned in the Cyclades Islands about 70 miles north of Crete. the treeless, volcanic crater island of Santorini is one of the most popular Greek Isles and arguably the most beautiful.

The island is home to tiny whitewashed hilltop villages that literally cling to rocky slopes, ancient Thira and other archeological treasures, black (volcanic sand) beaches, perfect weather and scenic views almost beyond description.

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アンカラはトルコの首都です。そして、それは1923年にトルコ共和国の基盤で民主主義体制を設立しました。ボスポラス海峡とダーダネルス海峡は、ほとん ど絹糸のような地域の地面をつないでいる橋として、黒海に囲まれているこの素晴らしい景色の海、地中海、エーゲ海とMarmara海をつないでいます。

Turkey: the cradle of cultures and civilizations connecting Europe and Asia and capital of civilizations that have reined the lands of Anatolia for centuries

Many empires ranging from the Sumerians to the Hittites, the Lydians to the Byzantines and the Seljuks to the Ottomans have once thrived and expired within the borders of Turkey.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, which established a democratic regime with the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. The Bosporus and the Dardanelles, connecting the seas of this magnificent landscape surrounded by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara seas, function as bridges connecting the lands of the region almost like silk threads.

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ゴア インド(アジア)

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1960年代以来ゴアは、訪問客の安定した流れを引き付けています。第一に ヒッピー 、その後、海外在住のゴア人の帰国、 次にチャーターした観光客(1987年にドイツ人から始まった)、そしてカトリックとヒンドゥー教の神社を訪れる巡礼者が、医療のために、とゴアでのセミ ナーや会議に出席する人たちが増え、彼らの家のようにゴアに定住するようになったものです。

Goa, a state on India's West coast, is a former Portuguese colony with a rich history. Spread over 3,700 square kilometres with a population of approximately 1.4 million, Goa is small by Indian standards. It has a unique mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures and architecture that attracts an estimated 2.5 million visitors each year (including about 400,000 foreign tourists).

Since the 1960s, Goa has been attracting a steady flow of visitors -- first the hippies and returning expatriate Goans, then the charter tourists (starting with the Germans in 1987), pilgrims visiting Catholic and Hindu shrines, those opting to settle in Goa as their home, people going for medical treatment, and a growing number of those who attend seminars and conferences in Goa.

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(Sri Lanka)




Sri Lanka Is One Of The Most Scenic Places On Earth - Thousands Of Miles Of Coastline And Beautiful Beaches; The Central Highlands' Tea Plantations; Rainforests And Deserts.

Threre are three distinct zones which are divided by elevation - central highlands, plains and coastal belt - all offering their own unique sites and activities.

Other major points of interest include the ancient city of Anuradhapura; Batticaloa, the land of the singing fish; Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage; the Buddhist and Hindu Temples; and Adam's Peak at the Holy Mountain.

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アンダマン&ニコバル諸島 インド(アジア)

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(Andaman & Nicobar Islands,India)
(アンダマン&ニコバル諸島, インド)

チョーラとマラータ人がベースとしてアンダマン・ニコバルの一部分を使った短い期間と 、ヨーロッパの海軍力による散発性の探検任務と、マルコ・ポーロなどの旅行者からの引用を除いて、アンダマン諸島の歴史は、原住民のそれであり、そしてそ の何人かはまだ程度の異なる孤独のままです。

アンダマンのより最近の歴史は、18世紀の英国拠点の確立と流刑地で始まります。悪名高いセルラー刑務所 「 Kalapani」または「ブラックウォーターズ」(親はしばしば、学校に行かない子どもたちに、Kalapaniに入れられるよ、と脅しました)の建設 は、50万ルピーの費用で1908年に完成しました。その構築に使用されるすべてのレンガがビルマから持ち込まれ囚人自身が労働させられました。



興味深いことに、Netajiスバシュ・チャンドラ・ボース(インド独立運動の中で最も影響力のある指導者の一人)は、日本の同盟国として、これらの諸島 を訪問し、彼はセルラー刑務所を訪問しましたが、地方住民がスパイの罪で投獄された地域を訪問するのを意識的に防がれました。

1943年12月29日に、Netajiスバス・チャンドラ・ボースは、島に独立したインドの旗を掲げました。彼はまた、ここで最初の独立政府を設立しました。 Netajiは島の名前を「スワラジ (自己ルール)」とシャヒード(殉教者)」に変更しました。



The history of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands lies shrouded in mystery and legend.

Apart from brief interludes where the Cholas and Marathas used parts of the Andaman and Nicobar as a base, sporadic exploratory missions by European naval powers and fleeting references from travellers such as Marco Polo, the history of the Andaman Islands is that of the aboriginal inhabitants, some of whom still remain in varying degrees of solitude.

The more recent history of the Andamans starts with the establishment of British bases and a penal colony in the 18th century. The construction of the infamous Cellular Jail “"Kalapani" or "Black Waters" (Parents often warned their truant children that they would be sent to Kalapani if they did not behave) was completed in 1908 at the cost of Rs. 500,000.

Every brick used in its construction was brought in from Burma and the prisoners themselves were made the laborers.

Numerous anti-British Indians were tortured to death and executed here. During the British occupation, Islands were named after Generals who fought during the great Indian Mutiny of 1857, and till date these Islands retain those very same English names. Several Islands including Port Blair, Havelock, John Lawrence, Henry Lawrence, Duncan Island, Nicholson Island and many more can be sited as examples of this.

With the Second World War, Japanese troops occupied the islands and the local tribes initiated guerrilla activities to drive them out. Under Japanese occupation, several bunkers were built all around these Island, many of which are still standing.

The Japanese viewed local islanders as spies and many of them lost their lives as a result. Interestingly, when Netaji Subash Chandra Bose (one of the most influential leaders in the Indian independence movement) visited these Islands as an ally to the Japanese and he was made to visit Cellular Jail but was consciously prevented from visiting the section where locals were jailed on charges of spying.

On 29th December 1943, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose hoisted the flag of independent India on the island. He also established the first independent government here. Netaji renamed these islands as 'Swaraj' (Self-rule) and 'Shaheed' (Martyr). General Loganathan of the Indian National Army was appointed as the Governor of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The headquarters of the Civil Administration was set up on 21st March, 1944 near the Gurudwara at Aberdeen Bazaar.

When India achieved independence in 1947, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were incorporated into the Indian Union.

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リペ島 タイ(アジア)

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(Koh Lipe,Thailand)




Lipe island, Satun province, Thailand, at the border of Malaysian waters : Koh Lipe is one of the last traveler secrets in Thailand, firstly because it can be a pain in the neck getting there from Bangkok, but must importantly because it suffers "the beach"/novel/movie syndrom, I suppose who has been there doesn't want to word-to-mouth but keep it for oneself.

Koh Lipe was once home of the Chao Leh or "sea gypsies", 500 sea gypsies are still living in the quaint coastal village. Their revenue is partly coming from their longtail sailing abilities : picking up the traveler from the ferryboats to the beach, from beaches to beaches or from fishing to diving spots around the island.

Koh Lipe seems to be one of the hot spots of the still alive and ever evolving hippy trail : once you get there, easy life, gorgeous beaches, cool people and full moon parties tempt you to stay longer than you expected.

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ブラックマウンテン国立公園には、 Sakteng野生生物保護区、東ブータンの滝、そしてブムタン渓谷などの、大変興味深い場所があります。

Bhutan, Or Druk Yul With Its Scenic Landscapes And Historic Buildings Is Considered The Last Shangri-La By Many Travelers.

Thimphu, The Capital City, Sits On A Hillside Adjacent To The River With The Same Name. Within Its Boundaries, The Trashi Chhoe Dzong Fortress And The Memorial Chorten Monument Are Priorities For Visiting.

Add The City Of Paro To The List, Where The Taktsang (Or Tiger's Nest) Is Located, Along With Some Of Bhutan's Oldest Temples And Monasteries. In Bumthang, There Are Numerous Dzongs, Temples And Palaces.

Important Points-Of-Interest Include The Black Mountain National Park; Satkeng Wildlife Sanctuary; Cascading Waterfalls In East Bhutan, And The Bumthang Valley.

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サバ マレーシア(アジア)

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世界最大の花ラフレシアは、世界トップクラスのダイビングスポットの一つであるシパダン島の、東南アジアで最も高い山の一つ であるキナバル山にあります。

Situated on the beautiful island of Borneo, Sabah is one of the thirteen states which Malaysia is made of. Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia and shares the island of Borneo with Sarawak, Brunei, and Indonesian Kalimantan.

Sabah is richly blessed with nature diversity, unique cultures, fun adventure, beautiful beaches, and fantastic cuisines for the adventurous taste buds. We have it all, from the world’s largest flower - the Rafflesia, one of the highest mountains in South East Asia - Mount Kinabalu, to one of the world’s top dive sites - Sipadan Island. Sabah is also known for her great natural treasures which include the world-renowned Danum Valley Conservation Area and Tabin which is Sabah’s largest wildlife reserve.

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(Raja Ampat,Indonesia)


If you wish for fantastic and unforgettable travel experience throughout your lifetime, then you should visit Rajya Ampat. Raja Ampat is a tour destination for all reasons to visit. From the highest point in the sky down to the ocean floor, Raja Ampat has the fascinating beauty for everyone. If there is a tour destination you must visit at least once in a lifetime, Raja Ampat is one of them

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(Solomon Islands)


Explore the hidden paradise of this Pacific archipelago comprising of 992 islands; there is so much to see and do in the Solomon Islands - from the diver’s paradise of diverse marine life, to the wild interiors of local village treks.

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(Huahine,French Polynesia)


The island equivalent to the Garden of Eden, Huahine is an immense tropical jungle thriving with coconut plantations, vanilla orchids, banana groves, breadfruit trees and watermelon fields.

Beyond its lush landscapes and bright blooms, Huahine is also a culturally preserved sanctuary with sacred temples hidden throughout dense vegetation. Undoubtedly, this island will leave you spellbound.

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(Cook Islands)





HE QUICKEST way to the Cook Islands, is, of course, by air. The most romantic is by ocean liner. If you have plenty of time and the wherewithal the best method is probably by yacht. Then you could spend weeks navigating your way around all the northern atolls and seeing the South Seas the way the ancient voyagers did.
However, you will most probably arrive and leave by air. The international airport for the Cooks is on Rarotonga. This makes a convenient stop for trans-Pacific aircraft because Rarotonga lies at the heart of the Polynesian triangle.
Air New Zealand is the premier carrier. It operates several weekly scheduled flights from New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Fiji. Some other regular services are operated by Pacific Blue which flies from Australia and New Zealand.

Internal air services are taken care of by Air Rarotonga which flies regularly to most of the northern and southern group.

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(Costa Rica)

コスタリカは中米の中心部の恵まれた場所を占めています。 19,652平方マイルの領土は、カリブ海と太平洋の両方に接触していますが、意外にも、車でわずか3時間(または飛行機で45分)で海岸に海岸から移動することができます。




Costa Rica occupies a privileged spot in the heart of Central America. While its territory of 19,652 square miles touches both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the country is surprisingly accessible - one can travel from coast to coast in just three hours by car (or 45 minutes by plane).

The Caribbean region of Costa Rica stands out for its variety of aquatic ecosystems and its beautiful white and black sand beaches, providing an ideal setting for activities such as sport fishing, snorkeling, and sun bathing. The Pacific coast concentrates big tourist centers and its beaches are very popular for surfing, for example Esterillos, Jaco, Hermosa, Boca Barranca. In the Golfito region, near the Marino Ballena National Park, surfing fans can find the famous "long lefthander wave."

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ベリーズ (中央アメリカ)

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(Belize,Central America)





・オリジナルの陶器、石器、さらにスケルトンの完全なActun Tunichil Muknalは、ベリーズにたくさんあるマヤの洞窟のひとつです。




Belize's rich cultural treasures and scenic countryside offer plenty of opportunities to explore. Check out Mayan ruins in Xunantunich or, for a more modern atmosphere, experience the nightlife in the capital city Belmopan. Other popular Belize destinations include:

• The Belize Barrier Reef, one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, with hundreds of coral and fish species

• The Hol Chan Marine Reserve, where you can snorkel with stingrays

• The Actun Tunichil Muknal, one of Belize's many Mayan caves, complete with original ceramics, stoneware, and even skeletons

• The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

• The Blue Hole, a popular destination among scuba divers looking to spot Caribbean reef sharks

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(St.Vincent & Grenadines,Caribbean)






St Vincent And The Grenadines Is Comprised Of 32 Distinctly Individual Islands, Complete With Tropical Rainforest, Coral Reefs, White Sand Beaches And Clear-Blue Water.

The capital city of Kingstown is an active, vibrant place. Major attractions include stylish colonial architecture, cobblestoned streets and the (not to be missed) botanical gardens.

Well known as the one-time home to pirates, St. Vincent and the Grenadines was the setting for the swash-buckling films of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

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ボリビア (南アメリカ)

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(Bolivia,South America)

(ボリビア 南アメリカ)




Bolivia , whose nickname is "The Tibet of the Americas", is the most elevated and isolated country in South America.

Major tourist attractions include La Paz, the highest capital city in the world, its colonial history and museums, "Witch Doctor's Market", and the nearby Andean peaks; beautiful Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world which includes the cultural charms of Copacabana and Inca history on Isla del Sol, and the tours of the Bolivian Amazon - the planet's greatest ecosystem.

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(Galapagos Islands)



もしあなたが、誰が島に最初に上陸したのかについて興味を持っているならば…それが、インカ族、難民、海賊または船乗り … より諸島の人間の歴史から見つけ出しましょう 。



The Island's interesting volcanic geology, as well as its rich flora and fauna have been admired and studied by numerous travelers, scientists, and nature-lovers. Scientists are still faced with the mystery of how such a large diversity of species could develop in a remote location like the Galapagos Islands.

The main reason for tourists and nature lovers to visit the Galapagos Islands is the multitude of animals, freely romping about that are known to most people only from the Discovery Channel.

If you are interested in who first set foot on the islands -whether it was the Incas, refugees, pirates or seafarers - find out more about the human history of the Islands. Speaking of men on the Islands, Charles Darwin, was one of the first to visit as he was fascinated by the natural history of the archipelago. His five-week stay gave him the impetus to develop his famous Theory of Evolution.

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Mauritius, a sparkling crystal in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, will fascinate you.
The contrast of colours, cultures and tastes makes the island so charming that the scene is set for an unforgettable holiday.

Here, you have the opportunity to experience unparalleled luxury:
a level of refinement that is head and shoulders above that on offer in other tropical holiday destinations.
Here, you will discover the true meaning of ‘beauty’ – a realisation that will compel you to return to Mauritius’ shores time and again.

Mauritius was named after Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau...

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(Botswana Safari & Victoria Falls)







8 Nights: Okavango Delta, Moremi Wildlife Reserve and Zimbabwe

Marvel at the majesty of Botswana as you explore two incredible nature reserves.

End your journey in Zimbabwe and be captivated by the spectacular Victoria Falls.

Day 1: Johannesburg
Day 2-4: Okavango Delta
Day 5-7: Moremi Wildlife Reserve
Day 8: Zimbabwe

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With idyllic views at every turn, it really is possible to overdose on beauty in the Seychelles.

Lush vegetation slopes gently down to shimmering white powder sands and frothy turquoise seas whilst secret coves lie in wait without a footprint in the sand and Robinson Crusoe hideaways that have only birds and giant tortoises for company are ten-a-penny.

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タンザニア マフィア島(アフリカ)

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(Mafia Island,Tanzania)




While Zanzibar has become a popular tourist resort, Mafia Island lying only 160 km south, remains virtually unknown. Previously poor communications with the mainland and being much lesser known than Zanzibar have kept Mafia ‘original’, although a steady trickle of visitors are unanimous in singing its praise. Mafia is one of the safest places in the Indian Ocean and there are no hustlers to spoil a holiday.

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チュニジアでは古代の歴史を発見できます。 (チュニス近く)カルタゴでよく知られたローマ時代の遺跡に加えて、わずか100キロ西チュニスの、ドゥッガの近くによく保存されたローマ時代の遺跡の素晴らしいコレクションがあります。


With over 1200 kilometers of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia is home to seemingly endless sandy beaches, and in the view of many travelers - perfect vacation weather.

Seaside resorts and towns offer a wide range of waterfront hotels, and activities like boating, fishing, sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing.

Tunis city center is a World Heritage 7th century old town of narrow streets and nail-studded doors. Additional features include a large street market (souk), stylish french architecture and the Bardo Museum.

Sousse is a very attractive seaside town with a large fort, mosque, massive city walls and an excellent museum specializing in 3rd century mosaics.

Douz, the gateway to the Sahara Desert, offer travelers a colorful market, camel riding and sand dune trekking. Note it's nearly a nine hour bus ride from Tunis to Douz.

Tunisia has a wealth of ancient history to discover. In addition to the well-known Roman ruins at Carthage (near Tunis), there's a wonderful collection of well-preserved Roman ruins near Dougga, just over 100 kilometers west of Tunis.

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マデイラ島 ポルトガル(ヨーロッパ)

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(Madeira island,Portugal)



1年中春のような気温は、オープンエアの活動に適しています。あなたは、levadas(水路)のネットワークに沿って散歩に行き、フンシャルの街を訪問 し、発見に関連付けられているか、島の周りを自由に歩き回り遺産を発見することができます。ボートは異なる視点から海岸線を眺める優れた方法です。

このような自然を歓迎する環境では、バランスと幸福を当然視されています。マデイラは、様々な観光複合体を提供し、レジャーボート、スキューバダイビング のための海にアクセスします。ポルト・サント島は、特に、ストレスから脱出し、タラソテラピープログラム、またはゴルフのスポットと組み合わせてビーチで の休暇を行うのに理想的な場所です。



Right in the middle of the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a haven of natural beauty. The exotic colours of the flowers stand out from among the blue sea and the emerald green vegetation; this is an archipelago where two thirds are a protected area and where the largest Laurisilva forest in the world is located.

The springtime temperature, felt all year round, cries out for open air activities. You can go for a walk along the network of levadas (irrigation channels), visit the city of Funchal and discover the heritage associated with the Discoveries or roam freely around the island. Boat rides are an excellent way of admiring the coastline from a different perspective.

In such a naturally welcoming environment, balance and well-being are taken for granted. Madeira offers various tourist complexes and accesses to the sea with prime conditions for leisure boating and scuba diving. The island of Porto Santo, in particular, is the ideal place to escape from stress and undertake a thalassotherapy programme, or a beach holiday combined with a spot of golf.

Popular feasts, which take place all year round, are opportunities to appreciate traditional gastronomic flavours and see Madeira partying, especially for the Carnival parades, the Flower Festival, the Atlantic Festival and, above all, the end-of-year fireworks display
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ベルモンドアルエット: アビニョン、リヨンへ(ヨーロッパ)

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ベルモンドアルエット: アビニョン、リヨンへ


7日/ 6泊


7 Days / 6 Nights
Discover one of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to explore France—cruising its beautiful canals and rivers in style aboard a Belmond Afloat in France barge.

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イギリス コッツウォルズ(ヨーロッパ)

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The Cotswold are
scattered with small pretty towns and villages providing pleasant places to while away the time, easily identified by its mellow stone buildings.

Among the charming countryside you will find a wealth of interesting places to visit, including magnificent castles, ancient churches, glorious gardens, stately homes with historic houses. Spend the day exploring the picturesque Cotswold countryside, browse in an art gallery or antique shop, or simply soak up the history of the area. Shop at some of the oldest chartered weekly markets in the country. Head to the picturesque market towns to shop or take time out for a leisurely ramble and stop for a meal in a traditional pub. The Cotswolds stretch from Ilmington in Warwickshire for over 100 miles to historic Bath.

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スペイン イビサ島(ヨーロッパ)

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イビサ、サンタ・エウラリアデスリウ、サン・アントニ・デ・ポルトマニ、サンジョセップデサタライアとセントジョンデラブリティア:イビサ島は、 5つの町で構成されていて、それぞれが、訪問客にさまざまなアクティビティを提供しています。


イビサのより内陸部では、大きな魅力が隠されたたくさんのスポットがあります。小さな田舎の村、アーモンド畑、オリーブの木々 、およびイナゴマメの木は、島の多くのすばらしい建造物のように、古代の石の壁に囲まれています。散歩したり自転車に乗ったりして、この景色を楽しむこと ができます。


The island of Ibiza is made up of five towns: Eivissa, the , Santa Eulària des Riu, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Sant Josep de sa Talaia and Sant Joan de Labritja. Each of them offers visitors different and complementary activities.

Throughout the 18 kilometres of natural sandy beaches, fringed by crystal clear waters, Ibiza offers a huge range of possibilities to cater for all types of preferences.

In the more inland areas of Ibiza, there are many hidden spots of great charm; small country villages, almond groves, olive trees, and carob trees enclosed by ancient stone walls, along with many fine examples of the island’s particular architecture. A stroll or a bike ride are two great ways to enjoy this scenery.

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Venice Simplon Orient Express
(Venice/Paris/Lindon : 1N2D)






The classic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train journey. Depart Venice late morning for your overnight journey to London, where you arrive late afternoon the next day.

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ギリシャ ミコノス島(ヨーロッパ)

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(ギリシャ ミコノス島)



Mykonos is a grand example of unique Cycladic architecture set around a picturesque fishing-village bay. Totally whitewashed organic cube-like buildings fit closely together to form a kind of haphazard maze of narrow alley ways and streets. The earthen colors of the bare hills which surround the town's gleaming whiteness is set between the aura of an incredibly blue sky and even deeper blue sparkling sea. Its many well preserved windmills and hundreds of tiny red-roofed churches adds a flavor of culture and custom to the scene, enhanced even further by many museums and the historical ancient site of Delos. Together with being friendly and open people, the locals have a healthy understanding of what it means to have a good time. Put this together with all the island's other qualities and it is no wonder Mykonos has been often named "the jewel" of the Aegean Sea.

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オマーン スルタン(中東)

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(Sultanate of Oman)


(オマーン スルタン)

マスカットのスパークリング・ホワイトの首都の魅力は、そのアーキテクチャ、博物館、モスクを含めます。オマーンの多くのその他のアトラクションは、スー ルの沿岸町を含めます。歴史的建造物やニズワの歴史 - 国の古都。ムサンダム半島とその見事な地形。エンドレスに、釣り、スキューバダイビング、トレッキングができる場所です - ごく一例を挙げれば。


The Charms Of The Sparkling-White Capital City Of Muscat Include Its Architecture, Museums And Mosques. Oman's Many Other Attractions Include The Coastal Sea Town Of Sur; The Historical Monuments And History Of Nizwa - The Country's Ancient Capital; The Musandam Peninsula And Its Stunning Topography; Endless Fishing, Scuba Diving, And Trekking Venues - To Name But A Few.

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モルディブ オルベリ島(アジア)

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(Olhuveli Island,Maldives)



" ...太陽、砂、海、1千の「ロビンソン・クルーソー」の島、異なる深さ、ブルーとターコイズの、見事な水中のサンゴの庭園の無限の色合いを持つ大規模なラグーン。理想的な熱帯の休日の行先として完璧な自然の組み合わせ。それはモルディブ…”


" ...Sun, sand and sea, a thousand 'Robinson Crusoe' islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday destination. However there is more to the Maldives than just that..."

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インド ケララ州(アジア)

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西はアラビア海、東は西ガーツ山脈が500〜2700メートルそびえ立ち、44の河川によってネットワークされ、ケララ州は、ほとんどのアジアの観光地の 中でも引っ張りだこの一つとなった、ユニークな地形を楽しめます。穏やかな気候。穏やかなビーチとの長い海岸線。エメラルド背水の静かなストレッチ。緑豊 かな丘駅、エキゾチックな野生動物。滝。植林地と水田が不規則に広がります。アーユルヴェーダの健康な休日。魅惑的な芸術形式。魔法の祭り。歴史的、文化 的なモニュメント。エキゾチックな料理...そのすべてがあなたにユニークな体験を提供しています。そして、これらの魅力的な目的地のそれぞれに必要なの は、他から2時間のドライブだけです。



With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east and networked by 44 rivers, Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters. Lush hill stations and exotic wildlife. Waterfalls. Sprawling plantations and paddy fields. Ayurvedic health holidays. Enchanting art forms. Magical festivals. Historic and cultural monuments. An exotic cuisine... All of which offer you a unique experience. And what's more, each of these charming destinations is only a two hour drive from the other - a singular advantage no other destination offers.

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インド ウダイプール(アジア)

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ウダイプールは非常に人気の観光地です。その歴史、文化、風光明媚な場所から、それはまた、そのラージプート時代の宮殿で知られています。レイクパレス は、例えば、ピチョラー湖で島全体をカバーしています。宮殿の多くは、高級ホテルに姿を変えました。それは多くの場合、 「東洋のヴェネツィア」と呼ばれ、また「レイクシティ」や「湖の街」の愛称で親しまれています。この都市のピチョラー湖、ファテサガール湖、ウダイサーガ ルとSwaroopサーガルは、国内で最も美しい湖と考えられています。


Udaipur is a very popular tourist destination. Apart from its history, culture, and scenic locations, it is also known for its Rajput-era palaces. The Lake Palace, for instance, covers an entire island in the Pichola Lake. Many of the palaces have been converted into luxury hotels. It is often called the "Venice of the East", and is also nicknamed the "Lake City" or "City of Lakes". Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udai Sagar and Swaroop Sagar in this city are considered the most beautiful lakes in the country.

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タイ ピピ島(アジア)

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(Phi Phi Islands,Thailand)



カラフルな海洋生物が生息するクラシックビーチ、見事な岩、鮮やかなターコイズブルーの海 - それは完璧な楽園です。



The Phi Phi islands are some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia. Just a 45-minute speedboat jaunt and a 90-minute ferryboat ride from Phuket, these picture postcard islands offer the ultimate tropical getaway.

Classic beaches, stunning rock formations, and vivid turquoise waters teeming with colourful marine life - it's paradise perfected.

There are two islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. The larger and inhabited, Phi Phi Don attracts hundreds of visitors to stay on its lovely shores.